Caminos hacen amigos
Caminos hacen amigos

El Equipo


Andrew Bullock




Darren Marsh

“How are you today?” “I´m………..

sound, exalted, glorious, resplendent, sublime, remarkable, brilliant, magnificent, splendid, cool, superb, outstanding, great, smart, dandy, happy, ace, out of this world, stellar, super, world class, phenomenal, momentous, A-1, champion, first rate, perfect, gleaming, terrific, good, tremendous, excellent, wonderful, front page, grand, high power, neat, major league, majestic, sparkling, hip, perfect, crackerjack, magic, radiant, not bad, loving life, hanging in there, in form, terrific, first class, fine, out of sight, top, exceptional, far out, world class, sensational, extraordinary, fantastic, brilliant, marvelous, divine, hunky dory, swell, awesome, top flight, like WOW, exquisite, five star, top notch, out of sight, capital, titanic, formidable, immense, fabulous, enormous, trim, epic, top drawer, gigantic, monstrous, cracking, colossal, prime, unlimited, limitless, satisfactory, infinite, shipshape, tip top, first rate, sterling, deluxe, supreme, spick and span, bearable, out of this world, acceptable, alright, well chuffed, the bees knees….                                                                      


          or just a simple “OK” will do after which you say            


“Thank you.”


                           This is normally followed by                                                     


“And you?”

I´m sick of you……

….so stop it, Leave me alone,

Go away,

so stop bothering me, Leave me in peace,

you bore me,

because you upset my friend, you rattle me,

so mind your own business,

Stop bugging me, you frighten me,

You are always distracting me, you make me unhappy,

you unhinge me,  

you make me uneasy, You are a disruption,

you shake me up, You're as thick as a plank,

you puzzle me, you aggravate me,               

you annoy me, you rattle my cage,

You're bonkers, You rile me,

You make me sad,

You've got a bee in your bonnet,

You're as daft as a brush,

You're potty



“Bye –bye.”












Would you like to..


                           go for a stroll in the park,                                   see my stamp collection,       

go for walk along the seafront,   

have a dance, go surfing,

watch the sunset, go to see a band,

meet my parents, go for an ice-cream, 

drink something, sit outside, 

see my motorbike,

come to the stadium to watch Racing,

meet up on Saturday evening,

study together in the library,

go shopping,

        take a refreshment on the terrace,

go to the cinema,

                               go home,                                



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