Cowley Timber & Partners Ltd produce bespoke timber solutions to innovative projects, each of which have their own complexities. They are not volume producers and like to provide choices that suit the location and end user.

They are focused on off-site prefabrication and the quality control that provides them, associated with the dimensional control and smaller tolerances that they can then achieve.

They have the versatility and experience to utilize many different timber products and package them in a way that provides our customers the opportunity of confidence that they will not have the risk of interface issues and with a strong focus on prefabrication, they offer an assurance of workshop quality, accuracy and speed of installation on site indeed, they often aim to pre-assemble offsite also, when feasible, to offer further comfort that the structure will fit together.

They focus on bespoke projects involving fabrication challenges and are considered by many design professionals as a company that can deliver when others may not.

cowley timber photoBased in the East of the UK since 1980, our team have been serving the construction industry and more importantly partnering Architects and Engineers in solving geometric challenges in timber for over 30 years with design being our driving force in achieving efficient fabrication without aesthetic compromise.

They have embraced new technologies in the forms of engineered wood, jointing techniques, fabrication machinery and design software adopted in a wide variety of our past and present construction methodology.

They can also provide consultancy work, management and project coordination and buy-in pre-fabricated timber products, based upon our designs, from our supply chain of manufacturers throughout UK and Europe utilizing solid timber, cross-lam, kerto LVL and glulam which is machined, fabricated and assembled into the end user product off-site for final build on site.

The team have been privileged to be involved in a wide variety of projects, some of which have become award winning, and we firmly believe that the close relationship between ourselves and the members of the project team are the key to success and, has often led to repeat collaborations.

They also understand the need for cost efficiency as well as design efficiency and we endeavour to support the designers concepts through early stage development to ensure that, when required, we are able to offer solutions without risk.

They are pleased to provide budget quotations for the anticipated costs tailored to suit the scope of our brief. Cowley Timber & Partners Ltd hold Professional Indemnity Insurance cover for £1m in the aggregate however, this cover will only extend to design work conducted on projects that we fabricate and will not extend to fabrication carried out by others utilising our design.

They additionally hold Employers Liability Insurance of £10m, Public & Products Liability Insurance of £5m and Contractors All Risk Insurance of £750K.

They are a nationally trading sub-contract company whom, in addition to a design, supply and delivery service and are able to offer installation and all associated Health and Safety requirements ensuring that the client has the opportunity to select a complete service if needed.

They also remain supportive in undertaking any necessary remedial works following completion and are always available for advice.

They have worked on and completed projects overseas in Wolfsburg, Germany and New York, US and in Trondheim, Norway.

Their design teams are generally focused on 2 persons being a Project Manager with added estimating, design and health & safety experience and a Lead Designer with 3D CAD experience.

They strive to be proud of what they achieve but, it is not only about the end product, it is also about the experience for themselves and those they are working together with and the collective endeavour to deliver the commitments that are made.