Going off reports this March we will see the launch of Article 50 which is the first step in Britain leaving the EU.

This is not the place to talk about the political side of this decision but it’s aim is to offer a service to UK based companies in helping them to relocate to Cantabria.


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People regularly ask me what do I most like about this part of the world and I always answer the question with.

“The climate.”

Followed by.

“There are no palm trees in Oldham.”

This brings stares of disbelief from people, but it’s true. As a builder I get to work outside most of the year and I can safely say we get 60% more working days on a roof than in the UK. The climate on the coast is almost sub tropical due to the gulf stream. The winters are mild and the summers are nothing like the rest of Spain and if it is actually hot in the summer you get to enjoy it and can go out at midday for a stroll.

This can easily be checked at-

Santander web cam.


Spanish workers always get a bad press in the UK media and I have found this to be completely untrue. In 30 years working here I have often been amazed at the skills on offer.

During those years I’ve worked with thousands of people, dealt with local/international suppliers and have recruited a lot of workers not just for my own company but also for others as well as opening up sales contacts.

Obviously it is necessary to source people if you want to set up in Cantabria but this can be done before re-location.


As mentioned previously industrial warehouse are now available due to the recession. Rental prices are far lower than the UK and long term deals can be struck.



Cantabria is an ideally located region. There are several destinations available through the airport with daily flights to Stanstead. More information is available at – Ryanair.

A complete list of all destinations is available at:


The province is connected to the rest of Europe by motorway as well as the whole of Spain.


Brittany Ferries run a service with the UK 4 or 5 times a week depending on the time of year. There is also fright ferry that runs once a week. The average time of the joruney one way is 24 hours.


There is also a major train station in Santander that is connected to the rest of the country.

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There is also a narrow rail gauge line run by FEVE for passengers and freight.


Santander also has a major international port with all modern facilities.

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One of the big attractions of this part of Europe is the amount of time you can practise outdoor sports and pastimes.

From all related coastal sports weather it be sailing, surfing (which is now a thriving industry), fishing, bird watching or just a bracing walk along the cliffs watching the Atlantic waves roll in.

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The other option is to take to the countryside that has a variety of pastimes. The mountains offer wonderful walks and hikes and there are a lot of adventure sports centres and some beautiful forests with spectacular scenery all year round.

Cantabria is a popular summer resort for mainly Spanish tourists but foreign nationals are appearing more and more.

Places of interest. Link in English:

There are several golf courses in the region. Link in English:



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The Spanish in general are crazy about their food and here it’s no different with it’s mixture of food from the sea and the mountains.

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These vary depending on location with the coast and the outskirts of Santander and the major towns being the more expensive. As a general rule of thumb the further inland you go the cheaper it gets. Some of the rural plots are quite big with streams and natural forests surrounding them.


Spanish health care must be one of the best in Europe and is free to everybody who is in the Social Security system. There are also many private clinics and hospitals.


Spain is still a family related society and because of this crime rate is very low, especially violence. People here like to enjoy themselves in a relaxed and friendly manner whilst dining and going out for a quiet drink. It’s very rare you see fights or similar and crimes like muggings hardly exist. In Santander, for example, gun and knife crimes are almost non existent.


Please feel free to consult us on any aspects you may have.