This finish is very typical in the north of Spain and this challenge was planned beforehand so certain designs could be incorporated into the frame. This was the first SupaHome house supplied by Maple Timber Frame to be erected in this country and this product was complimented with the use of Andersen’s energy efficient windows and doors which helped to eliminate the need for central heating and air conditioning. A huge running cost saving for any household.


Many people ask about the cost of a building of this type. That is a very difficult question to answer. In Spain the square meter price has always been king. One of the problems here though is, if the price is for living space built or actual built square meters. Our answer to this question is that we can provide a fixed costing on any project that has been approved by the local architect’s official body and local council permissions are in place.

A house is as individual as the people who will eventually live there and clients do wish to chop and change as the build progresses Eliminating these costly changes is a priority we pride ourselves on as a quick execution of a build saves the client money which can be reinvested into the building or not.


It’s worth noting here that a supply only to Spain is out of the question. Our suppliers all give certificates and guarantees on their products but it is important that these are signed off by a relevant person on the ground in Spain. We always insist on the frame erection being carried out by experienced in company crews. This control also applies to all fixing and fittings inside the house along with all exterior and interior finishing.

A major stumbling block with timber frame in this country is the lack of knowledge about the system. You cannot leave installers in a house and expect them to do their job correctly as they are not used to the system and they can do more harm than good. These installers need to be trained correctly and eliminating mistakes here is so important as you end up with a quicker and a correct build.


One of the many benefits in building a Timber Frame home is the quality control an off-site manufactured dwelling can offer to both self-builders and constructors.

Strict quality control is vital from the start to the finish and of course you are safe in the knowledge that you house performs to the standards set out beforehand and you will have no worries about its construction quality and durability. Peace of mind is all part of our service from initial planning to the final coat of paint.

The slide presentation on his build has 197 separate slides all complete with relevant explanations of each stage from excavation of footings, buildup of foundations, delivery and erection of Timber Frame structure through to external and internal finishings along with a time pattern typical in the construction of a house of this nature.